Enhance Your Dental Practice with DACE Learning Bundles

Based on feedback from our 2024 survey to our community members, we have curated three new course bundles around topics that were of high interest to your dental training and education needs.

Become an expert on specific areas of interest through DACE Learning Bundles. These course bundles will allow you to concentrate on a specific area of interest while earning some or all of your CE requirements at a great price.

Stay tuned for additional bundles to be added, but in the meantime if you don’t see something you need, let us know.

Expand your knowledge and enhance your practice with our “Oral Systemic Connection Bundle.” This essential collection is tailored for dentists and dental hygienists committed to understanding the profound connections between oral health and overall systemic well-being.

This bundle includes five in-depth courses, each worth 3 credits:

Autoimmune Connective Tissue Disorder Manifestations: Implications for the Dental Provider

Learn to recognize and manage the oral manifestations of autoimmune connective tissue disorders and understand their implications for dental care.


Breathless: Oral Signs of a Silent Epidemic

Explore the critical oral signs of respiratory conditions and their impact on overall health, highlighting the dentist’s role in early detection.

The Effects of Sleep on Oral Health

Delve into the relationship between sleep quality and oral health and discover how to identify and address sleep-related oral issues.

Cannabinoids and Dentistry

Investigate the emerging role of cannabinoids in dental practice, including their potential therapeutic benefits and implications for patient care.

Sleep Medicine and Dentistry: How to Measure Whether Dental Sleep Apnea Interventions Are Improving Sleep Quality

Master the techniques for assessing the effectiveness of dental interventions in improving sleep quality for patients with sleep apnea.

Enroll in the “Oral Systemic Connection Bundle” today to deepen your expertise, earn valuable credits, and provide comprehensive, holistic care for your patients!

Unlock a deeper understanding of oral health with our expertly curated “Oral Pathology Bundle.” This essential collection is designed for dentists and dental hygienists looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in diagnosing and managing oral diseases.

This bundle includes four in-depth courses, each worth 3 credits:

Big Fat Happy Herpes Family: Oral Manifestations of Human Herpesvirus Infections

This course is an evidence-based presentation of the human herpesvirus (HHV) infections that produce symptoms in and around the oral cavity.

Oral Lichen Planus: Identification and Management

Master the techniques for identifying and treating oral lichen planus, a common and often challenging condition in dental practice.

Management of Oral Infections: Part 1

Gain critical insights into the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various oral infections in this comprehensive first part of our series.

Management of Oral Infections: Part 2

Continue your learning journey with advanced strategies and case studies to effectively manage complex oral infections.

Enroll in the “Oral Pathology Bundle” today to stay ahead in your practice, earn valuable credits, and ensure the best care for your patients!

Enhance your practice and stay at the forefront of dental care with our “Periodontal Bundle.” This expertly crafted collection is perfect for dentists and dental hygienists aiming to deepen their understanding of periodontal health and its systemic connections.

This bundle includes five in-depth courses, each worth 3 credits:

Periodontal Triggers of Systemic Disease: We Are Closer to Causation Than Ever Before

Explore the latest research linking periodontal disease to systemic conditions and understand the implications for patient care.


Brace Yourself! Decision-Making for Orthodontic Treatment and Periodontal Care in Patients with Periodontal Diseases and Malocclusion

Learn to navigate the complexities of providing orthodontic treatment to patients with periodontal diseases and malocclusion.

Periodontitis and Diabetes: Navigating a Two-Way Street

Delve into the bidirectional relationship between periodontitis and diabetes, and discover strategies for managing both conditions effectively.

A Moving Target? Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) for Rapid Tooth Movement

Understand the innovative PAOO technique for achieving faster orthodontic results in patients with periodontal concerns.

Don’t Forget to Floss and Floss So You Don’t Forget? Emerging Evidence Linking Periodontal Disease and Dementias

Investigate the emerging evidence on the link between periodontal disease and cognitive decline, emphasizing the importance of preventive care.

Enroll in the “Periodontal Bundle” today to expand your expertise, earn valuable credits, and provide comprehensive care for your patients!