A Guide for Outstanding Dental Injections – Evaluation


1. Were the individual course objectives met?

Objective #1(Required)
Objective #2(Required)
Objective #3(Required)
Objective #4(Required)

Please evaluate this course by responding to the following statements, using a scale of Excellent = 5 to Poor = 0.

2. To what extent were the course objectives accomplished overall?(Required)
3. Please rate your personal mastery of the course objectives.(Required)
4. How would you rate the objectives and educational methods?(Required)
5. How do you rate the author’s grasp of the topic?(Required)
6. Please rate the author’s effectiveness.(Required)
7. Was the overall administration of the course effective?(Required)
8. Please rate the usefulness and clinical applicability of this course.(Required)
9. Please rate the usefulness of the references.(Required)
10. Do you feel that the references were adequate?(Required)
11. Would you take a similar course on a different topic?(Required)