Caries management: When, why, and how – Group License

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Restorative dentistry has increasingly become conservative in its treatment of incipient carious lesions of enamel. Practice has shifted from a “watch and wait” attitude to preservation of native tooth structure as this improves the longevity of the tooth. Identifying breakdown of tooth structure at its earliest stages of demineralization allows for more conservative intervention. We will discuss methods to treat white-spot (hypocalcified) lesions, reversing demineralization and preventing involvement of the underlying dentin. Additionally, methods will be discussed for conservative tooth preparation and better methods for selective tooth removal of infected dentin.


At the conclusion of this educational activity, participants will be able to:

1. Describe how to treat white-spot lesions

2. Identify what treatments can be employed for conservative caries treatment of incipient lesions

3. Describe treatments that may be employed for root exposure