The Perfect Ten

UOR 2018 Credits: 2     Course Code: UB59K6 CA #: 02-4527-15278 In the haunting words of Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman,” “whatever you want, whatever you need, anything you want done, baby, I’ll do it naturally, ’cause I’m every woman, it’s all in me, it’s all in me!” We have been sold a bill of goods encouraging women to be all things to all people, maintaining the “perfect 10” persona and image. We are called to be the ultimate businesswoman, sharing the responsibility of contributing to and managing the family income, often sandwiched between raising children and caring for aging parents—the equivalent of two full-time jobs. This is all accomplished while maintaining composure and grace by day and morphing into a sex goddess by night! Right… Some days I amaze myself . . . other days I look for my phone while holding it! Sound familiar? We are easily influenced by those around us. We need to recognize our individuality and what works for us. The Perfect 10 will explore the signs of burnout and recognize the pathway to prevention: ten best power foods, ten best sleep habits, ten best short duration, high intensity exercises, ten best anti-aging secrets, and many more will be explored. Life isn’t about surviving the storm. It’s about dancing in the rain. We have one life and it can change in a heartbeat; let’s make it the best it can be! Join Jo-Anne Jones for this highly interactive experience and discover your best. 1. Identify the signs of burnout and recognize the pathway to prevention 2. Understand the contribution of healthy habits to our oral health, overall health, and well being 3. To educate and promote health promotion strategies that apply to our dental hygiene patients 4. Analyze through self-evaluation the areas that create and sustain balance in our busy personal and professional lives

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