Ratings and Comments
Ratings and Comments for course: Nourishing or Discouraging?
03/24/2019 22:54:20
I like the topic. It's important. Some of the language is tedious to read. Probably equally to hear...it just takes time to soak in.
03/24/2019 17:40:46
great material
03/08/2019 12:45:48
I thoroughly enjoyed the content of this course.
02/24/2019 18:20:36
Great course and very informative. Thank you.
02/20/2019 14:41:18
I found this course interesting and learned several new tings I din't know about the food cancer link.
02/17/2019 21:24:40
Very enlightening
02/14/2019 17:50:20
Interesting course with information we should be sharing with our patients.
01/26/2019 13:12:55
Really fascinating review of the current research in relation to diet and cancer. The research approach was balanced and cautious, while providing excellent information.
01/24/2019 14:44:01
Interesting material, Some of it , for me, was a little difficult to follow...lots of words.
01/15/2019 11:55:50
Excellent information, a little technical but very interesting.
01/12/2019 16:10:58
I don't write reviews
12/27/2018 18:09:49