Ratings and Comments
11/27/2018 17:44:31
Everything was properly explained. Well presented.
11/10/2018 00:15:56
I wondered if the author is a native English speaking person or not. Several of her sentence structures were incorrect. There were also typos and mistakes throughout the body of the course. Compared to the majority of the courses I have taken through the Dental Academy of CE this course was one of the most poorly written. The subject was interesting enough to me that I was willing to stick with it to completion however.
11/07/2018 08:45:06
When taking this test and moving down the page my answers where changed. This could be my computer being very sensitive to where I placed the cursor.
11/06/2018 11:02:10
very good very informative
11/01/2018 10:38:15
Very informative. The pictures were very appropriate.
10/28/2018 22:38:58
Informative, yet need more diagrams being labeled properly to be able to identify the tongue muscles and parts of it more easily.
10/28/2018 22:10:03
I have a tendency to make notes on the book. Some answers were misleading or confusing.
10/27/2018 13:49:45
I found several mistakes in grammar in this CE course. In paragraph 5 of the "Tongue Muscle Review" section, the last sentence has a mistake. (It anterior origin....) In the next paragraph of the same section, there is another mistake in the last sentence. (This muscles assists...) I found this shocking that these mistakes would not have been caught by simply proofreading the material before it was published in a professional journal sponsoring continuing education courses. Very disappointing!
10/23/2018 09:35:35
It was a good, practical, useful course.
10/17/2018 17:58:25
Course was ok, but the quizz was horrible. Wrong answers and made you jump around and hunt everywhere for the answer and then it was wrong on the test. Reminds me of dental school where the whole class failed a perio. test.