Ratings and Comments
03/05/2019 19:17:27
I will recommend this class
01/14/2019 21:30:49
Effective and up to date.
01/05/2019 12:38:31
This course was very informative for me. Domestic violence is not something that I have personally dealt in my personal life. I am not blind or naive in what goes on around me in this world, as I have had a sister who was a victim of IDV years ago and was able to remove her family from that life. I am aware that I could be presented with a DV patient, and this course is very helpful in preparation for that should it occur.
12/11/2018 09:10:08
Very good topic on a subject that needs to be discussed more
12/02/2018 12:26:58
I never knew the prevalence of abuse. Very informative.
11/28/2018 11:20:30
11/03/2018 10:28:02
Good info
10/24/2018 15:38:37
Straightforward information to assist in identifying abuse among my patients. Very informative and easy to understand. Unfortunate that this exist but I am happy that we as health professionals have an avenue to help those in need.
09/29/2018 23:49:04
Some great information, needs more information about referring and taking the next step.
09/16/2018 20:28:13
Great course! I loved it!
09/09/2018 17:52:31
Very informative with great links to professional and reference resources.
08/30/2018 05:59:43
Great course and much good information and statistics provided.
08/27/2018 12:02:43
very good
07/19/2018 08:42:59
great very informative great