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03/16/2019 23:54:26
12/26/2018 14:47:11
Very informative and convenient.
10/29/2018 16:16:34
I’m so glad I didn’t have any trouble with this one.
08/27/2018 22:14:27
Very informative
08/20/2018 22:21:05
very informative
07/31/2018 09:32:28
Interesting presentation and very informative.
07/01/2018 18:38:35
Very informative. I am confident that this course will help me to be more informed while talking to my patients about HPV. I have already referred four patients to an ENT for papillomas and one came back positive for cancerous changes.
06/22/2018 11:21:27
It was very informative. Thank you!
06/22/2018 09:36:49
Very appropriate for the times. Great information informaton for my oral cancer screenings. Thank you
06/22/2018 09:02:21
very interesting material. offered a lot of information that i had not previously been aware of.
06/18/2018 21:59:18
I would have preferred a little less scientific info and more practical.. a lot of the info cannot be used in a dental setting
05/30/2018 13:49:03
a great overview of the impact HPV has in the occurrence of oral cancer. Provides solid rationale for performing oral cancer screening every time a patient sits in a dental chair.
05/27/2018 10:44:17
Thorough course, thank you.
05/25/2018 11:26:09
I found it very informative and on topic... In our office we are seeing a rise in oral cancer in the age 50 to 60 groups. This is a good expaination as to why this is probably why.
05/21/2018 14:28:50
Thanks for an informative course.
05/08/2018 14:28:06
Great CE for information on HPV