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03/28/2019 14:09:29
good content
01/10/2019 13:41:25
Health professionals need to learn more information about the total effects of marijuana on the entire human body fbecause more and more states are going to legalize its use in the next decade. Many people may be unaware of the total effect of the drug and this article does a good job of explaining the adverse effects from marijuana.
11/16/2018 10:21:29
Very informative!
09/09/2018 22:50:53
I found it very informative and helpful considering the upswing in the use of Marijuana....The cost to Americans is so high that it is off the charts....Glad I now have more insight into this health problem....
07/24/2018 14:42:14
06/30/2018 00:53:05
good course. love the ease of credits
05/24/2018 23:59:44
very informative and learned a lot . thank you.