Ratings and Comments
Ratings and Comments for course: A Cursory Review of Forensic Dentistry
01/29/2019 15:55:55
took much longer to do!!
11/28/2018 13:31:45
10/29/2018 10:53:08
I’m very unhappy that the computer program changed my first three answers making them incorrect. I am certain of this. I was very careful with my selections and the results do not match my answers on my paper copy which were correct. I would like to know if something can be done about this? Now I’m afraid to use this program for my credits though I have already completed two more exams on paper from RDH magazine.
10/05/2018 17:51:37
This is one of the best courses I have taken. I liked it a lot.
08/20/2018 14:14:20
07/06/2018 12:59:24
I found the information to be very interesting and a possible area I may want to look into for volunteer work
07/05/2018 10:58:12
Very interesting
06/25/2018 20:32:05
course was very informative on little known subject very useful course covered topics i wasnt aware of very useful
06/25/2018 14:46:53
This was so different from our usual courses so I found it interesting and a good review of something that isn't discussed or presented.
05/07/2018 17:33:47
I think I did.
04/29/2018 09:51:27
04/28/2018 17:48:11
I have never taken an online course for CE I enjoyed this.
04/26/2018 15:15:55
very interesting
03/23/2018 08:59:48
A good overview of an area of dentistry that I had not much familiarity with
03/07/2018 14:04:33
course was very good