Ratings and Comments
11/29/2018 14:20:32
Focus upon current knowledge of association of human papillomavirus(HPV) with current trends in oral cancer.
03/23/2018 18:32:51
03/10/2018 18:16:32
Excellent review
01/09/2018 12:07:45
Questions were hard to read (colors) and hard to comprehend.
12/28/2017 22:24:25
Informative but test questions need some reviewing.
10/12/2017 13:41:38
the course was well presented it was thorough and the course was thorough and well presented
09/26/2017 15:00:48
Some questions are vague
09/25/2017 23:43:49
The subject matter wasn't confusing, but making the test as difficult as it was and making the answers as confusing as humanly possible would make me reconsider taking any CE from this author again. I was excited to find a CE course that was relevant to my field and my that I could actually use in my daily practice, but after reading the material and taking the test, mostly what I'm taking away from this is a huge headache. The difficulty of the test really diminished the value of the material I was trying to learn.
09/03/2017 20:08:22
I found the material complex for a fast passed world. If instructions were listed as to how and why adding this important layer to my adult exams that I could even share with my patient,...that would be great!!!
08/26/2017 16:06:49
I read this course three times. I could not answer any of the questions without looking back at the material-and I usually do well with these. There were lots of abbreviations and numbers to retain for the exam.