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Ratings and Comments for course: Cannabis Chairside Primer
03/01/2019 20:13:51
Great information presented on a hot topic that we are seeing in our patients.
01/29/2019 23:46:24
This course was excellent
12/19/2018 10:58:19
10/23/2018 20:02:14
it was very informational!
09/09/2018 16:40:14
08/29/2018 14:38:06
05/08/2018 15:06:53
02/28/2018 17:55:25
great informative course
01/09/2018 09:10:19
very good
01/08/2018 17:23:06
Very good straight to the point.
01/07/2018 14:45:55
I valued the information presented in this course, but I felt that the exam questions should and could have been less ambiguous, more clearly stated, and reviewed prior to printing.
01/01/2018 10:27:10
very informative and relevant
12/30/2017 16:39:19
12/27/2017 16:20:50
Possibly more information than was needed for our dental concerns.
12/18/2017 22:19:32
I found this to be very interesting as I have two nephews who are growing marijuana in Colorado for their business. Even though I live in NC, a state where marijuana is still illegal to use, I have had a friend fly out to Washington State to try it to combat side effects of chemo, and I have several patients who have reported using it "for medicinal purposes". This is an important topic to follow and continue studying. While I personally do not endorse using marijuana, I am in favor of legalizing it. We need better controls on the potency, and dosages, and this needs to be made available t
12/14/2017 19:02:28
I learned things about cannabis use I did not know.
12/09/2017 16:45:34
This article was informative and I did learn a lot. However, I did find the questions very much wired into the context and yet it made it challenging to read and reread and read the article.As a professional who has been practicing for over 24 years i truly felt like i was back in dental school again. But I did very good on my exam.
11/22/2017 14:54:32
09/10/2017 13:57:09
Great way to lay out foundational understanding on how cannabis works on a molecular pharmacological level , so it may be applied towards a standard of care for patients.
09/07/2017 20:06:10
Love taking a course online in my own home on my own schedule, rather than having to go out after a long work day.