Ratings and Comments
Ratings and Comments for course: Dental Professionals' Guide To Chemical Dependency
04/02/2019 16:15:03
Great course, lots of valuable information. Easy to read and understand.
02/27/2019 14:08:45
great and easy
12/31/2018 12:24:07
very informative. straightforward in addressing the objectives of the topic.
12/31/2018 09:35:59
I enjoyed the course and felt it was helpful for my educational development as it relates to being a conscientious healthcare professional.
11/29/2018 23:41:58
11/28/2018 13:22:42
Very good.
11/27/2018 07:22:24
11/16/2018 12:40:49
10/22/2018 22:26:23
Good overall critique of the current drug problem Good overall critique of the current drug crisis Good overall critique of the Drug crisis good overall critique of the crisis good overall critique of the current problem
09/23/2018 21:14:14
The course was very great and very educating i would recommend it to others
09/19/2018 12:27:38
Very clearly written, questions were very fair. Great job!
06/06/2018 11:38:58
Lisa Dowst-Mayo RDH article on chemical dependency has an eye opening effect that reveals the true depth of society's struggle with the growing drug dependency.
05/31/2018 18:46:40
Great course
05/23/2018 19:10:56
very informative and educational. very informative and educational.
03/20/2018 17:03:08
Good course to review
03/14/2018 11:23:20
very good course & test
03/09/2018 13:19:16
Great course, very informative.
02/27/2018 16:53:55
Great Course!!
02/25/2018 11:49:59
well done
02/07/2018 20:53:01
Good information
01/26/2018 16:42:21
Quick but thorough presentation of the material!
01/07/2018 13:17:30
Great course! I learned a lot! I would have liked to see the course go into more detail about dialog between patient and provider if the topic of chemical dependency comes up. Also, a list of national resources for these patients would be nice!
12/30/2017 12:07:18
Appreciate that this topic was covered with very precise and clear facts that can be retained and used as a health care giver.
12/11/2017 18:43:02
it was a good informative course
12/10/2017 19:01:18
12/10/2017 18:54:36
very easy to comprehend and impliment
11/26/2017 10:32:26
informative and good educational tool for use in my profession
11/11/2017 20:46:17
Great info, quick exam
11/11/2017 12:27:18
Would like to see more available promotion codes to take these courses at a discount. $59 for 3 ce hours is a little expensive.
10/06/2017 15:49:14
thank you
09/17/2017 12:39:01
Good info . Concise and to point. Easy to follow
09/10/2017 19:23:57
overall-easy to understand
09/09/2017 19:33:36
Great info. Thank you.
09/07/2017 11:22:49
Great Topic: Author helped us to understand the impact of chemical dependency on the overall health and attitude of patients
08/30/2017 14:01:34
Well written and informative
08/29/2017 20:22:01
With chemical dependency so prevalent in our country, this was a nice review of the etiology, recognition and treatment of it. Well worth the time!
08/23/2017 13:16:55
The course was well documented, and was excellent in all respects.
08/14/2017 23:21:55
The material was concise and easy to follow and comprehend.
07/19/2017 12:22:40
very well done
06/21/2017 18:30:00
Well presented and eye opening. Very glad I took this.
06/16/2017 20:24:27
excellent stats and information, Very impressed with information and testing.